Friday, July 6, 2007

Rupert Murdoch buys Dow Jones, owners of the Wall Street Journal

Rupert Murdoch has succeeded with his $5 billion bid for Dow Jones, owners of the Wall Street Journal, according to sources acting for the Dow Jones board. Negotiations have been completed and the board is confident the terms of the deal will be accepted by the Bancroft family, which controls a majority of voting shares in Dow Jones, over the next few days. A formal announcement is expected next week.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Billion$ of Tech Dollars

For a very good summary of the 10 richest guys in tech, visit and read:

10 Richest People in Tech

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blackstone Group to buy Hilton for $26 billion

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Blackstone Group said on Tuesday it would buy Hilton Hotels Corp. for about $26 billion in cash.

Under terms of the deal, Blackstone will pay $47.50 for each Hilton share.

Move over Bill Gates - Carlos Slim is Number One

Mexican tycoon overtakes Bill Gates as world's richest man

Fiona Walsh, business editor
Guardian Unlimited

Microsoft founder Bill Gates looks to have lost his title as the world's richest man, toppled from top spot by the Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim.

Three months ago the cigar-chomping Mr Slim quietly slipped past legendary US investor Warren Buffett to take second place in the global wealth league.

Now, thanks to a surge in the shares of his America Movil group, Mr Slim has claimed pole position, according to the Mexican online financial publication, Sentido Común.

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Listen up! Marrying a billionaire is not beyond your grasp!

How to meet and marry a billionaire
Money magazine's guide to the mating habits of the ultra rich

Today via MSNBC

We scoured the how-to-marry-rich literature and talked to society watchers, upscale matchmakers and wealth experts. And we pored over divorce news to see how spouse No. 1 was supplanted by spouse No. 2 (or 3).

Unfortunately, those who had already made it to Fat City refused to say how they got there. "I am just not telling," said one billionaire's wife over her cellphone before hanging up.

Nonetheless, our findings were encouraging. Marrying a billionaire is not beyond your grasp, as long as you're willing to work hard toward your goal. (Yes, hard work - albeit of a different kind - is still a requisite for achieving wealth.)

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